NTT is a global technology company. In 2020 the decision was made to renovate their Johannesburg office to give it an appropriately international look and feel. It was our task to apply the global workplace standard in the South African context. This involved restructuring the workspace to better facilitate new technology-enabled ways of working. We were also tasked with sourcing local finishes and furniture that would speak to the look and feel of NTT’s offices in Europe, USA and Asia.

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    Bryanston, Johannesburg

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An international look

translated using local furniture and finishes


“As always Megan and her team have been nothing short of remarkable with their design concept and excellent service. Her translation of the global standard to bring our new offices to life has been impressive. I would like to thank Meg for her patience, constant enthusiasm, support and incredible creativity.

Through Meg and Pyramid office, we have been able to create a sustainable workspace that inspires us, connects us and supports us in shaping our culture. We now have open workspaces that work! Thank you, Meg it has been a pleasure as always, and I would do it all over again.”

Bronwyn Vokes, NTT Project lead



The office design is varied and inviting, multi-resourced and flexible. The workspace provides an ideal venue to learn, relax and collaborate. From clubhouses, to booth seats and pantries, the menu of informal meeting spaces encourages the relationships that build collegiality.

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