From concept to completion

One of the most satisfying aspects of interior design, is seeing bespoke furniture designs come to life.

The beauty of tailor-made fixtures in an office interior, is that they are designed around a client’s specific functional requirements, unique space availability, look/feel and budget.  

Pyramid Office designed this pause area unit and island for our client Rebosis Property Fund. In their brief to us, the client expressed a strong desire to make their employees feel valued. Instead of a pokey tea kitchen or outdated canteen, they wanted to elevate their staffs’ coffee and lunch break experience to be more luxurious.

The starting point of any custom-design job, is to establish a design direction. Clients often don’t have the right words to describe the look/feel that they want to achieve. Sometimes a client doesn’t really know what they like (or don’t like), until they see it. The best way to overcome this, is to identify concept images (photographs of existing spaces) that capture the essence of the look that the designer is proposing. Reviewing these mood pictures is a great way to attain the client’s buy-in to the design direction.  

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Thank you Granti!

At the end of February 2021 we bid a very fond farewell to our founder, Grant Abbott.

Grant established Pyramid Office in 2005 as an office furniture procurement and installation company. Even though he was much smaller than his competition, Grant’s uniquely personable approach and reliability soon won him big contracts with both Internet Solutions, and later, Dimension Data Facilities.

Grant has always had an informal style: attending client meetings in shorts and takkies, bearing a smile, an outrageous sense of humor, a willing attitude and (more often than not) cake! His refusal to be anything but himself made an impression on many clients – ensuring they would never forget him.

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