Dimension Data Services


The Dimension Data Services team took their move into the group’s Middle East & Africa Carnoustie building, as an opportunity to reimagine the way they operate. They adopted an agile working strategy; revolving around small self-organising teams called squads. A brief was given to 3 design firms. The key requirements were:

A flexible design that would give each squad the autonomy to configure their area to suit their needs. Mobile, writeable walls between squads were a prerequisite: allowing teams to grow and shrink as required.

Having recently adopted the Kanban system for managing workflow; the provision of sufficient vertical writing surfaces was critical.  

The 1600sqm floor had to accommodate 270 desks.

To reduce costs, existing furniture was to be re-used or modified wherever possible.

After a rigorous pitching process, Pyramid Office was appointed for space planning, interior design and furniture supply.

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    Bryanston, Johannesburg

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A culture-defining

workspace strategy


“What a pleasure it has been to have Pyramid’s magic touch in our new office space!!

Megan, from Pyramid, interpreted our brief and presented various alternatives, without falling into the newest cliché lingo trap, nor made it feel like a continuous upsell! She brought constructive alternatives to the table, adding cutting edge technology and custom design into her proposal.

This was a complete refurbishment of our office space, inclusive of relocation, additions and demolition of partition walls. Our teams, as well as clients visiting the space, are all extremely complimentary on the fresh and friendly feel of the space, without sacrificing floor space, and improving functionality.

The success of this project is attributed to Megan and Grant, who did not only add experience and design, though also a love for our vision.”

Elna Brummelkamp

A flexible system

where ease of use is key

In response to the brief, Pyramid Office developed a unique product for Dimension Data: mobile whiteboards with an integrated power set. These movable, writeable power walls formed the backbone of the modular space-planning strategy; allowing squads to push and pull the parameters of their space without re-cabling. Existing desks were given a facelift with rounded corners, rubberized bumper edging and new legs on wheels. The entire open plan area became wireless and mobile. Hot lockers with combination locks were spaced evenly across the floorplate so that each squad had easy access to a static personal storage bank. Fixed whiteboards supplemented the mobile writing surfaces to ensure that teams had ample space to gather, discuss and display goals, progress and learnings.

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