Dimension Data IBA


At the beginning of 2020, our long-standing client Dimension Data, began their ‘One people. One name.’ project. The aim was to consolidate the various companies in their group (including Britehouse and Internet Solutions) under the single name of Dimension Data. The thrust of the exercise was to streamline the business, eliminate duplicate roles and promote cross-functional collaboration.

In an endeavour to reduce their physical space requirement, Dimension Data embraced a more flexible approach to their office design. Dimension Data recognised that by allowing their staff the freedom to work remotely for a portion of their work-week, it was no longer necessary to provide a desk for every person. Loose neighbourhoods were identified to ensure that each team had a gravitational zone. These neighbourhoods softened the shift from assigned seats to hot-desking. The approach ensured that staff still felt that they had a home at the office; where they could make meaningful connections with their team whilst on site.

Pyramid Office was engaged to space plan over 8000m2 across various buildings at The Campus to effect this new strategy. The client placed a huge emphasis on cost-saving. As such, we conducted extensive existing furniture surveys to re-use and repurpose wherever possible.

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    Dimension Data IBA

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    Bryanston, Johannesburg

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A well-designed workspace

draws staff to the office, even when they have the option to work from anywhere


“During the course of 2020 Megan and the Pyramid team supported our business to execute a major office move. Multiple offices with hundreds of people had to be consolidated into one flagship office at The Campus in Bryanston. Pyramid’s expertise enabled us to select the most appropriate natural design and functionality for our new intelligent workspace. The new office space is streamlined, natural and collaborative. It is aligned to our digital mindset resulting in a more agile workspace that is open to collaboration and energising staff.

Thank you for the exceptional service Megan and Pyramid!”

Darren Helwick, GM: Legal & Commercial

The best

of both worlds

The ability to work from anywhere doesn’t mean that offices are no longer needed. More than ever, the physical workplace is the venue for collaboration. Even with all of the tools that allow for remote work and virtual meetings, there is still no substitute for energy created by coming together in a physical location that has been design to facilitate a creative session.

A physical workplace enables chance encounters and spontaneous conversations that are not possible in a virtual setting.

A well-rounded organisation needs both a brick-and-mortar, as well as an online home, for their employees.

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